I love fall so much!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIBRAS!!!

HAPPY FALL!!! I love fall so much I mean I was born on the first day of it so its only natural. Yep I’m a Libra baby!!! Libras are ruling the world right now until October so Happy Birthday Libras!!! Funnily enough its Mercury retrograde so are we cleaning out the skeletons in brain, focusing on getting rid of thoughts that don’t serve us.

Gwen Stefani is a famous Libra born on October,3, 1969.

This should be a reflection period for you to focus deeply on what you need and want and NOT on what you don’t want.

I was going my favorite band play on my birthday but the postponed their tour. What where the odds of my favorite band coming to my town on my exact Bday?? I don’t know but I guess to good to be true:(

They would be TWIN SHADOW

Five Seconds by Twin shadow

Highly recommend blasting this song in your car or whenever you need a pick me up!! It has sooo much energy!!

Their new album is dropping soon!!!




Twin Shadow AKA George Lewis Jr rocking out!!!
Twin Shadow AKA George Lewis Jr rocking out!!!


Fall Haul

This is why I LOOOOVE Goodwill!! Etienne Aigner Vintage!!