I love fall so much!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIBRAS!!!

HAPPY FALL!!! I love fall so much I mean I was born on the first day of it so its only natural. Yep I’m a Libra baby!!! Libras are ruling the world right now until October so Happy Birthday Libras!!! Funnily enough its Mercury retrograde so are we cleaning out the skeletons in brain, focusing on getting rid of thoughts that don’t serve us.

Gwen Stefani is a famous Libra born on October,3, 1969.

This should be a reflection period for you to focus deeply on what you need and want and NOT on what you don’t want.

I was going my favorite band play on my birthday but the postponed their tour. What where the odds of my favorite band coming to my town on my exact Bday?? I don’t know but I guess to good to be true:(

They would be TWIN SHADOW

Five Seconds by Twin shadow

Highly recommend blasting this song in your car or whenever you need a pick me up!! It has sooo much energy!!

Their new album is dropping soon!!!




Twin Shadow AKA George Lewis Jr rocking out!!!
Twin Shadow AKA George Lewis Jr rocking out!!!


Fall Haul

This is why I LOOOOVE Goodwill!! Etienne Aigner Vintage!!




Yay fall is here!!! Being a libra born September 23 on the first day of fall is too awsome. I’ve always felt a special connection to nature and I think fall is when nature is its most beautiful because it’s about transformation and changing between seasons. Plus you have fall fashion HELLO!!! Just had a chance to stock up on boots for fall. Got 2 pairs of combat style boots but couldn’t find any tall ones I was in love with hopefully better luck next time. Was expecting a bit more from DSW but oh well.

Anyway this year is flying by and I feel like I’ve been running on a treadmill going nowhere fast. Being a libra it’s all about balance for me which is hard to come by when your work schedule is always changing and you work long hours. So I do my best to make the most with the time for myself. Involves lots of shopping lol!!!! I absolutely love Goodwill and can’t believe what I find there sometimes!!!! I recently found a Etienne Aigner vintage purse in good condition too.

Happy Birthday Libras!!!!

It’s August 1st already??

Wow I am in disbelief that we are already more than half way through 2014, it seems like it was just the new year and I was sick with the flu. But with that being said summer comes and goes so its really about making the most of it while it’s here and heck as long as its dry out there is really no excuse not to enjoy the outdoors. Nothing compares to the warmth of the sun on my skin and who doesn’t want a sun kissed glow during the summer. That’s probably the best fashion¬†statement you can make in the summer is a healthy glow and always protect your skin. I’m currently using Coppertone Ultra Guard SPF 50 and it smells sooo good like a bottle of summer packed into one. Reminds me of the pool I grew up with.¬†Well happy summering!! Peace love and summer!!

                   Paradise found!!
Paradise found!!